Why Brillsense #दोबारा मत पुछना !

Why Brillsense #दोबारा मत पुछना !

We can tell you that, we are the best IT & digital marketing company in Central India. But that's not. Why should you choose us, Brillsense understands that choosing the right market partner for the brand is a very tough job. We pay attention to details, we not only structure custom marketing strategy but we equally focus on consumer behavior in planning out the market program.

Great Delivery of Work Expensive Costing

Being a startup itself, we know that it's a huge strain when it comes to investing a lot in high-intensity marketing. Brillsense is the best digital marketing company when comes to high quality of work and inexpensive marketing cost, we not only customize marketing strategy but we also provide custom plan to our clients suiting the best possible option in the market for better and effective ROI.

TECHNOLOGY STACK #दोबारा मत पुछना !

• Python is highly used programming language.

• Python is fast, secure and reliable.

• In web development python is adaptable, versatile, and highly efficient programming language

• Many world-class software company (like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft etc.) use python.

Ionic is an open source UI framework for cross-platform, hybrid app development. It is built on top of standardized web technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

• Quick development and time to market compared to native IOS/Android apps

• Can develop for both IOS and Android at once.

Django is a back-end python web development framework for building complex and scalable websites.
Speed: The entire development process is fast due to Django’s low learning curve and ease of use.
Feature-rich: Django offers a broader array of features to users to help in tasks such as user authentication, content administration, sitemaps, and many more.
Enhanced security: Django offers optimal security solutions against cross-site scripting, click jacking SQL injection, and request forgery. It offers a user authentication system that helps them with a secure password and account storage and management.

PostgresSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. Data Integrity: PostgresSQL offer ACID transection guarantee. In term of CAP, it offers immediate consistency as a single server.

Security: In PostgresSQL for security we can use Authentication methods like GSSAPI, SSPI, LDAP, SCRAM-SHA-256, etc. PostgresSQL have SSL encryption.

It is most popular and frequently used worldwide scripting language, the main reason of popularity is; It is open source and very simple.It is very simple and easy to use, compare to other scripting language it is very simple and easy, this is widely used all over the world.It is faster than other scripting language e.g. asp and jsp.PHP provides access logging by creating the summary of recent accesses for the user.

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) based on the SQL (Structured Query Language) queries. It is one of the most popular languages for accessing and managing the records in the table.

ASP.NET is one of the most successful web application development frameworks by Microsoft. With every update, new and extended features are added that help developers deploy highly scalable and high-performance web applications.

Angular is a cross platform language. It supports multiple platforms. You can build different types of apps by using Angular.
Desktop applications: Angular facilitates you to create desktop installed apps on different types of operating systems i.e. Windows, Mac or Linux by using the same Angular methods which we use for creating web and native apps.

Native applications: You can built native apps by using Angular with strategies from Cordova, Ionic, or NativeScript.
Progressive web applications: Progressive web applications are the most common apps which are built with Angular. Angular provides modern web platform capabilities to deliver high performance, offline, and zero-step installation apps.


As your market partner, you would need to think before signing us up as we provide a realistic plan with duration in achieving the task and the outcome time span of it.

Regular Reporting System

With all our customer-friendly policies we provide monthly/weekly/daily reports and updates depending upon the business needs of our clients.

We Serve Exclusive

At Brillsense we dive into the minds of the audience to unfold their perspective and take on marketed products and services. We know what makes your audience love and cringe.
We work on the "why" rule at the time of planning and marketing campaigns, "why should i buy". Understanding psychology is our first task then comes our digital marketing solutions and growth campaigns; all this makes you a powerful brand amongst the others.

Committed and Skilled Taskforce

Our team consists of dedicated young professionals; their only core objective is to deliver the best plan of action using the digital medium. With the best possible return on investments.

Innovative and Result Oriented

Brillsense Pvt. Ltd. is the best digital marketing and PR company. We provide a flexible and futuristic marketing campaign which brings out the best possible outcome in the industry.

We make your Profit our Priority

We are growing our business by keeping our clients happy, till now we have 100% satisfied clients, which means they are getting profit from our hard work on their projects. The success of your project is our priority.