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SEO is not magic, it’s a pure practice with right techniques used to bring the website to its visibility, and at Brillsense will practice white hat SEO

What is SEO?

The process of promoting a website on the search engine to increase traffic and sales
VISIBILITY- it creates a great impact on the customer and more clicks to the first appearing website while searching for a product or service.
SALES- search engines have proven to be the best organic and long term mediums for the generation of sales and a better revenue valuation.

It is essential for a website to rank high in search engines, and be visible to its audience. The role of digital marketing companies is quite crucial while offering the most effective search engine optimization as a service. A better-optimized website ranks higher in the search engine result page or SERP that may result in potential customers finding your site resulting in qualified leads generation and higher business revenue. We at Brillsense provide white hat SEO services so that the client’s websites gain high visibility by way of higher rankings on search engine results page (SERP)

Our SEO services

SEO-friendly content Optimization
Responsive web-template
Blog set-up
Site loading time
Keywords Optimization
Meta tags Optimization
Search engine submission / directory submission
Link building

Why Brillsense is Best SEO Agency to help you rank in the search engines

Transparent reporting system

Our team doesn't believe in making false commitment, SEO is just about keywords, it takes a whole lot of both on-page and off-page techniques to get the results, its a time taking process it's not done in a day or a month. We know in what length of time we would produce the outcome and the same is communicated to our clients, our team prepares a monthly report of the work done in SEO with analytics to show the progress and ranking.

Ethical SEO practice

SEO is not magic, its a pure practice with right techniques used to bring the website to its visibility, at Brillsense will practice white hat SEO, white hat methods, helps businesses can gradually improve sales as they draw more traffic. Using quality content, right keywords, and links, websites can attract a large number of customers that would be interested in exploring the website and buying the products available on it. Hence, SEO is equally important for websites that would want to improve their sales and make a profit from it.

Researching and Strategy planning

Search engines like Google continuously roll out new updates, algorithms and other SEO techniques to remain on top we closely monitor all types of campaigns, collect data, conduct tests and refine the processes and strategies involved in SEO. We intend to learn and updated with the latest SEO techniques all the time


Brillsense focuses on providing not just improvement in optimization and visibility but also aims at achieving the desired position and ranking of your website, we work on a long term strategy plan when it comes to SEO, from optimizing and improving the website, deriving traffic to it and gradually generating sales conversion, helping business to get greater ROI.


Brillsense exile in client communication. We keep our clients updated through constant telephonic and instant messaging services, emails, etc. We keep our customers/clients updated through our daily reports that are rated highly by our clients.

On-page SEO services

On-page SEO is fundamentally a set of optimization techniques that use on-page factors or elements of a website to determine search engine rankings. Every website has various components that make it a complete website and our team uses on-page search engine optimization, improves the page rank of their website thereby attracting more online visitors.

We cover the following aspects under the on-page optimization service.

Robots.txt Images optimization
XML Sitemap Internal links optimization
Web Content Review Canonical URL fixing
Content analysis Meta tags
Broken Links Checking Internal Linking
Header Tags Custom Error Page
URL Structure Duplicate Content
Loading time checking Design optimization
Backlink Audit HTML Sitemap

Off-page SEO services

Off-page deals with a set of techniques that focuses on other ways to improve the website’s page ranking. In short, off-page search engine optimization is all about promoting your website through methods that are beyond the website’s design and content. Our team here focuses on link building; social media and social bookmarking that can boost the overall view of your website. Off-page is evaluative to the success and growth of your business.

We cover the following aspects under the off-page optimization service

Content Marketing Social Bookmarking
Article Submission Image Submission
PPT Submission Classified Submission
Press Release Submission Directory Submission
Q&A Submission Link Building
Guest Posting Blog Submission


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